E-Commerce Safety Play Solutions for the Real World

The Gap

Bridging the gap between clicks and handshakes.


The Bev Score

Track user's face-to-face behavior and identity.


The Technology

Cutting edge GPS mapping technology, public accessible cameras, and hot spots where LLBev can record the interaction. The BevAlert feature offers instant notification of emergency services.


The Cause

A portion of LLBev's proceeds will go directly to education and prevention of domestic violence.

There is not any “reset button” on one's real world behavior.

There are not extra lives in the real world. While a person can create a fake identity online, he or she cannot fake his or her real world interactions. A handshake, a dirty look, or something as simple as politely opening the door forms the perceptions we have for people. With the LLBev Score, we seek to reward people who treat others with respect by creating a community where people can trust each other’s behavior in the real world.

Will be available on Android, iOS, and Web.